Comfort Heating

For cosy moments!

Silverline® Comfort Heating system® gives you a reliable and safe portable heating solution for all around your home – both indoors and out. Silverline Comfort Heating system’s unique technology and solutions provide a healthy and pleasant feeling of heat without affecting air humidity – in an eco-smart way!

Use Comfort Heating system products outdoors, on the veranda or indoors, individually or a combination of several heating units – warming you wherever you are. Think eco-smart – heat your chosen spot instead of the whole house and then take the heaters with you when you move location.

Our unique C-Wave™ heating technology uses long infrared waves that provide pleasant and healthy heating by penetrating deep and warming up the tissues. This stimulates blood circulation in the muscles without drying out the skin. Comfort Heating systems generate radiant heat in a very energy-efficient way. Our tests show that 98 % of energy consumption is converted into effective radiant heat – thanks to our unique C-Wave technology!

Silverline Comfort Heating systems offer possibilities for all occasions – in an eco-smart way!

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Technology & Function




Unique heating technology with long infrared waves that penetrate deep into your muscles without drying out the skin.



A combination of both C-Wave™ and S-Wave™ heating technology that together heat quickly and effectively while providing pleasant and comfortable heat.


Quick Heat

Turbo effect that provides rapid heating, and the heater is programmed to subsequently maintain a comfortable level of heat as energy-efficiently as possible.


Sweeping motion

Sweeping, rotating movement for greater coverage.


FollowMe™ – In & Out

Easy to move – your Comfort Heater can warm you wherever you are.


Water proof

Our IPX4-rated heaters are rainproof and can stand up to outdoor use.


Energy efficient

High energy output. 98 % of energy consumption is converted into heat.


Plug & Heat – Quick Start

Simple to use: just plug into a wall socket and start the heater.