Mice & Rat Free™ MR 80 DG2

Mice & Rat Free™ keeps away mice and rats indoors
– effective, hygienic and non-toxic. Silverline® Double
Guard® is unique sound technology that effectively
scares away pests. Plug the unit into a wall socket in the
area you want to protect – it starts working immediately
and round the clock! MR 80 covers up to 80 m².

Mice & Rat Free™ emits the unique A-Guard® ultrasonic
signal, a varied and well-adapted signal that repels
mice and rats. A-Guard® disrupts the natural behaviour
and communication of mice and rats and creates an
unbearable environment for them, making them avoid
the area.

In order to provide maximum protection, the MR 80
DG2 central unit is equipped with Double Guard®,
which is a combination of A-Guard® and Electro Pulse®.
Electro Pulse® emits electromagnetic pulses that deter
mice and rats from using wiring as a rat-run.

The MR 80 DG2 unit covers an open area of up to 80
m². The sound does not affect humans or pets (except
rodents) and does not create resistance among the
targeted pests. Does not interfere with other electronic
equipment. The products are part of the Silverline® Pest
Protect system® range.





Technical specifications

Coverage:80 m²
Weight:0,15 kg


Product Info

  • Article Number: 25112
  • EAN: 7350007336101
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