Mice & Rat Free™ 100/400

Keeps away mice and rats indoors using Silverline Double Guard; no poisons needed. Plug directly into a wall socket.

Central unit with Double Guard®, built-in AH-Hz™ speaker for A-guard and built-in 400ElectroPulse. A-Guard provides protection with the aid of varied and adapted ultrasound. Mice & Rat Free emits an advanced ultrasonic signal with adapted frequencies and a varied acoustic pressure that scares away and repels mice and rats and disrupts their natural behaviour and means of communication. This stresses them and creates an unbearable environment. Sound reproduction using AH-Hz™ speaker that distributes the sound in the best way in the space in question, 100 m2.  The sound does not affect pets (except rodents) or humans and does not create resistance among the targeted pests. The electromagnetic pulse, 400ElectroPulse™, supplements the ultrasonic effect and aims to deter rodents from using wiring as a rat-run. Plug directly into a wall socket in spaces where there is a constant mains supply because of other electrical units.

Does not interfere with computers, TVs, etc.

A Silverline Pest Protect system Product.


Technical specifications

Coverage:100 m²


Product Info

  • Article Number: 25116
  • EAN: 7350007333346
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