1200 TW Digital IPX4

Energy-efficient heater that combines function, effectiveness and user-friendliness for optimal results using Silverline C-Wave™ MultiHeat. Multi-choice function for heating system, power setting, oscillation and timer. Remote control included. Coverage approx. 14 m². For outdoor and indoor use.

The TwinWave heating technology in Silverline’s heaters provides flexible, effective and comfortable heat without any drying out or burning sensation. Automatic start with turbo effect – MultiHeat – provides immediate effective direct heat that then switches to lower constant comfort heating. This yields low energy consumption and high energy efficiency. The heater offers multi-choice function: heating – start function with MultiHeat and then an option to switch to C-wave™ or S-wave™, choice of power setting 600/1200, oscillate ON/OFF and timer function. Coverage approx. 14 m². Stands on the floor and provides comfortable heat for feet and legs. Connects directly to a wall socket. IPX4 rating for outdoor use, rainproof.

A Silverline Comfort Heating System product.


Technical specifications

Coverage:14 m²
Weight:3,1 kg


Product Info

  • Article Number: 26145
  • EAN: 7350007335890
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