How do the products work?

How do you start A-Repeller?
Where can A-Repeller MR be used?
How will I know when A-Repeller is active?
Do Silverline products affect other electrical equipment?
How long do the batteries in MR50 last?
How does the ultrasonic signal disperse?
Can A-Repeller products be harmful to animals?
Does A-Repeller consume a lot of energy?
How does A-Repeller MR work?
Why are mice and rats affected by A-Repeller MR?
Does the ultrasonic signal stop mice and rats coming into the building?
What pests are affected by A-Repeller?
How long do Silverline repellers normally last?
How long is the guarantee valid for?
What does it mean when it says that the power supply must have a constant load? Isn’t it enough for the device to just stay plugged in?
Are Silverline repellers sensitive to excess voltage from the mains supply?
Why are there two modes for MR50 and MR80 DG2, “Summer” and “Winter”?
What is the difference between “Summer” and “Winter” modes in MR50 and MR80 DG2?
Which mode should I select on MR50 or MR80 DG2 if I am bothered by the noise from the repeller?
Does A-Repeller also work in winter in a summer cottage if you don’t have anything plugged in that is drawing power?

Which product should I choose?

Which of your A-Repeller devices do you recommend choosing?
Why do some products also have electromagnetic pulses? Isn’t the ultrasonic signal enough?
Should I choose MR80 DG2 or MR130 DG4?
Should I choose MR30 or MR50?

How does ElectroPulse work?

Why do some of your A-Repellers also include the ElectroPulse/Double Guard feature?
How do the electromagnetic pulses used by the repeller work?
Does the repeller create the pulsing magnetic field?
Does the repeller have to be plugged into a particular electric socket for the pulses to affect the magnetic field?
Why are mice and rats affected by the electromagnetic pulses?
Do the electromagnetic pulses disperse throughout the dwelling?
How big a load should there be on the connected power-consuming device that is creating the magnetic field that the pulses are to affect?

In what spaces can A-Repeller be used?

Does the repeller work in all spaces?
Can you use A-Repeller MR outdoors, under the building’s crawl space?
Can you use A-Repeller MR in an unheated storage room where the temperature will drop below zero in winter?
Can you use A-Repeller MR outdoors?

How are people and pets affected by A-Repeller MR?

Are Silverline products safe to use in the home?
Can the human ear perceive the sound emitted by A-Repeller devices?

How do I use the products?

I have a mouse problem and want to start using a repeller/A-Repeller, what sort of things should I consider?
What should you remember when positioning A-Repeller?
Where should you position the A-Repeller device?
How large an area does A-Repeller MR cover?
How quickly does A-Repeller achieve the desired effect?
Can you use traditional mousetraps in kitchen cabinets as a supplementary measure?
How do I get rid of mice from my attic?
Why are there mouse droppings in the cupboard under the sink even though we have an A-Repeller device in the kitchen?