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Welcome home to Silverline®

Silverline® gives you smart, safe and simple solutions and possibilities – with cosy
heating and the best protection against pests – so that you can relax and enjoy your
home and garden – in an eco-smart way.

Pest Protect system® is a range of well-proven electronic products with a unique
adapted sonic pattern that protects your home and garden from pests. Comfort
Heating system® is a range of heaters that provide effective and comfortable heating
with their unique heating technology.

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Protect your home from pests!

Silverline® Pest Protect system® gives you a reliable and safe system solution to combat pests throughout your home – both indoors and out. Silverline Pest Protect system protects your home around the clock, all year round, hygienically and free from toxicity. Silverline offers the strongest range of effective and nontoxic deterrent systems to combat pests.

For cosy moments!

Silverline® Comfort Heating system® gives you a reliable and safe portable heating solution for all around your home – both indoors and out. Silverline Comfort Heating system’s unique technology and solutions provide a healthy and pleasant feeling of heat without affecting air humidity.