For uninvited visitors in the garden!

Visits by cats, dogs, deer and rabbits are not always welcome in the garden. A-Repeller KV 300 helps you in your garden. We know that sound and light cause stress and disturb the uninvited visitors.

Our unique sound technology A-Guard keeps the garden free from uninvited visitors with a customised frequency range. To increase the element of surprise, we have also developed ChaseLight, a strobe light. The products feature an effective motion sensor that recognises movement in front of the repeller and automatically triggers the repeller.

The adjustable sound frequencies encourage the animals to leave the area, and the device covers an area of up to 300 m². Set the frequency knob to the animal you want to deter. ChaseLight surprises animals with a strong strobe light. The built-in motion sensor monitors an area of up to 15 metres in front of the repeller. Battery-operated: 6×1.5V LR14.