Unique sound technology for a pest-free home!

Pest Protect system is a series of electronic devices that repel mice and other pests. The products emit a variable and adjustable ultrasound that deters and disturbs mice and other pests and which are adapted for different areas. The sound affects their natural behaviour, which cause them stress and creates an unpleasant environment that they try to avoid. Silverline Pest Protect is a deterrent that offers effective protection – without poisons!


Select your own level of safety
Our Pest Protect system gives you a reliable and safe systematic solution against pests for your home. Combine the products in our range for your unique needs to provide you with safe and comprehensive protection. Silverline is the strongest brand with the segment for environmentally sound, effective and pesticide-free pest repellents. The Pest Protect system is hygienic and pesticide-free and protects your home all day long, every day of the year.


Double Guard
Double Guard offers you double protection! By using both A-Guard and ElectroPulse you achieve maximum protection against mice and rats.


Unique sound technology that causes stress to mice and rats and creates an unpleasant environment that prevents them from taking up residence.


Electro Pulse
Electromagnetic pulses that prevent mice and rats from utilising cable lead-throughs as rat runs.


Plug & Protect 24/7
Plug into a wall socket – it starts working immediately, 24 hours a day!


Child & Pet safe
Harmless to children, cats, dogs, birds and fish (but not pet rodents).


Tested & Proven
Developed and tested for optimum functionality.


Effective deterrent
– and completely poison-free.